• 7% fuel savings
  • 7% CO2 reduction
  • 6% NOx reduction
  • Reduce PM by 35-50%
  • 30% savings on maintenance costs
XMILE advanced enzyme-based biological solution for increasing fuel efficiency and reliability. In fact, by adding XMILE to the fuel the quality improves so the combustion is better.

In the XMILE product are about 10 different sorts of enzymes dissolved, they create a chain of biochemical reactions, the enzymes become bio catalysts.

Some enzymes have the task to find the unsaturated molecules, that are in the fuel due to the cracking of the fuel in the refinery, while others work on the molecules itself. XMILE not only improves fuel and thermal efficiency in internal combustion engines, it also enables fuels to be fired in existing boilers, kilns, and power plants with Low Excess Air (LEA). Combusting with LEA has the advantage of reducing pollutant emissions via reduced fuel consumption through improved fuel energy conversion efficiency (fuel to steam efficiency). The released energy increases performance and economy; the reduction in contaminants reduces carbon build-up, reduces wear and lowers harmful emissions. Any combustion process on fossil fuel oils can benefit from XMILE.