• 7% fuel savings
  • 7% CO2 reduction
  • 6% NOx reduction
  • Reduce PM by 35-50%
  • 30% savings on maintenance costs
Over the years, Xmile has been successfully implemented in a wide range of industrial applications, including power plants, generators, boiler systems, and cranes. Xmile’s fuel additive achieves fuel savings, lowers emissions, and improves the performance of industrial equipment. Experience the benefits of enhanced efficiency and sustainability in your industrial operations with Xmile.
Since 2003, XMILE customers claim:
  1. 7% fuel savings,
  2. 7% reduction in CO2 and NOx emissions,
  3. 35% decrease in particulate matter levels for improved air quality,
  4. Enhanced fuel stability to deliver improved performance,
  5. Reduced engine and boiler maintenance costs,
  6. Cost-Effective (ROI >300%),
  7. Dosing 1:10.000.