• 7% fuel savings
  • 7% CO2 reduction
  • 6% NOx reduction
  • Reduce PM by 35-50%
  • 30% savings on maintenance costs
Xmile brings significant advantages to the mining industry, where fuel efficiency and operational expense savings are crucial. By optimizing combustion in heavy machinery and equipment, Xmile helps mining operations achieve substantial fuel savings, reduce emissions, and enhance overall operational efficiency. Our solution provides a competitive edge while promoting sustainable practices in this vital sector.
Since 2003, XMILE customers claim:
  1. 7% fuel savings,
  2. 7% reduction in CO2 and NOx emissions,
  3. 35% decrease in particulate matter levels for improved air quality,
  4. Enhanced fuel stability to deliver improved performance,
  5. Reduced engine and boiler maintenance costs,
  6. Cost-Effective (ROI >300%),
  7. Dosing 1:10.000.