• 7% fuel savings
  • 7% CO2 reduction
  • 6% NOx reduction
  • Reduce PM by 35-50%
  • 30% savings on maintenance costs
In the automotive industry, Xmile provides tangible benefits for both individual drivers and fleet operators. Experience improved fuel economy, reduced carbon footprint, and enhanced engine performance by utilizing Xmile’s fuel additive. As evidence of our reach and impact, Xmile is supplied to 500 fuel stations, resulting in over 1 million daily customers who trust and rely on our product to drive towards a greener and more efficient future. Join the sustainable mobility movement with Xmile and unlock the full potential of your vehicles.
Since 2003, XMILE customers claim:
  1. 7% fuel savings,
  2. 7% reduction in CO2 and NOx emissions,
  3. 35% decrease in particulate matter levels for improved air quality,
  4. Enhanced fuel stability to deliver improved performance,
  5. Reduced engine and boiler maintenance costs,
  6. Cost-Effective (ROI >300%),
  7. Dosing 1:10.000.