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Improving energy efficiency is of significant importance for competitive companies. Reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases and environmental pollutants is a major task for our society. Finding solutions which would make efficient use of oil products and prove less harmful for the environment is a great challenge. We however, found a solution in nature and created – XMILE.

XMILE is suitable for all forms of road transport including cars, trucks, buses and agricultural machine equipment. This in turn lessens particulates production on harvest. In the Netherlands, a ready mixture of XMILE and fuel has been available for purchase at 200 petrol stations and has proven successful. Indeed, more than 200,000 people use XMILE daily in the Netherlands.

EU Standard of XMILE Diesel and XMILE Euro 95

Testing was performed by the INTERTEK, research firm, highly regarded throughout the world. After adding XMILE to fuel, the ISO and EN standards remain the same. As a result, XMILE has proven harmless to all machinery. XMILE improves fuel quality while maintaining the standard as:
XMILE Diesel - EN 590
XMILE Euro 95 - EN 228

The test results shows that the XMILE meets all fuel standards and qualifies under all related ISO and EN tests.

XMILE resale on the gasstations

Cleaning of installations, extra income to station owners, extra commitment to customers, secured area to sell, happy faithfull customers.

XMILE dealer network

In the Netherlands we have a dealer network of aprox. 200 dealers and subdealers.

ISO/EN tests Xmile Premium Fuels

Xmile Diesel meets:

ISO 2719
ISO 10370
ISO 12937 ISO 6245
ISO 2160
ISO 20846
ISO 12185
ISO 3104
ISO 4264
ISO 3405
EN 12662
EN 116
EN 12205
ASTM D5771
EN 15195
EN 12916
EN 14078
EN 16576

Xmile Euro 95 meets:

ISO 5164
ISO 5163
ISO 12185
ISO 20846
ISO 7536
ISO 6246
ISO 2160
ISO 22854
ISO 22854
ISO 22854
EN 237
EN 16135
EN 22854
EN 22854

Benefits automotive
   decrease of:
< fuel consumption 5-8%
< CO2 emissions 7%
< particles up to 70%
< maintenance costs
< lubrication oil
< and more.....